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Dean Bryant

VIP Customer

Recently I was in the Kansas City area on business.  I'm from here originally and was familiar with Hypertech.   When I arrived, my computer started acting up.  I have had good experiences with Hypertech before, so I brought my computer in for service.  The technician who worked on it was Chris.  He went above and beyond to provide quick and professional service.  What could have been a very bad situation was made much better by Chris's exceptional attention to detail.  My computer is now working at peak proficiency again, and you can be sure I will recommend him and the company to anyone needing tech service.  Thank you so very much for all your help and patience.

Marie Thomas

Help Desk Technician Grandview C-4 school Disctrict

"I love working with HyperTech Computers. They have proven to me that they have the ability to get the job done in a super fast and efficient manner...

the level of customer service, quality of work and convenience that HyperTech offers is top notch!  I will continue to do business with them.

Kathy Bartow

Secretary, Technology Dept. Blue Springs School District

HyperTech Computers provides excellent customer services and will go the extra miles to meet our needs. Their repair prices are unbeatable. we know we can count on them to get our iPad repairs done and returned to us quickly

Lisa Li

Administrator Muyang USA Design & Engineering, INC.

As the office business Manager of a local branch of an International Engineering Firm. We found ourselves spending more time on keeping our network up then we were spending on engineering design, With HTC-NOC as our IT Department, we are now worry free about our computers and our Engineering staff can work on out projects instead of the Network!

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